Our Buses

MCI J4500 - 2013

Buckingham Bus Company Proudly owns Two Distinct Models of MCI Coaches

MCI's J Luxurious J 4500 and the E 4500: Seating 54-56 Passengers

With its Spiral entryway, tiered theater seating and huge baggage capacity, these Coaches are the best in their class for the ultimate in luxury touring. And the exterior sports an attention-getting graphic scheme.

Our Coaches offer modern Amenities

MCI's Luxurious Model E Series

Our Handicap-Accessible coach bus is equipped with a lift to safely bring a passenger on, and then the wheelchair is secured for their safety.

Please note traveling by Motor Coach has the ability to remove 54 to 56 Cars on our highways, eliminating the pollution they emit, the traffic, and the congestion they create. Also Motor Coaches are the most fuel-efficient transportation mode in North America when measured in terms of passenger miles per gallon of fuel.